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A New Year can bring a new you. Sometimes we spend all of our time caring for loved ones that we put our needs and health on the back burner. This year let’s prioritize us! With a healthier you comes a happier family. Self-love will create more energy, more happiness and more spunk for life. Just to get you started here are 5 ways to incorporate healthier habits into 2020:

  1. Include more plants in your diet. Plant foods are where we get the majority of our vitamins and minerals. Try buying a new fruit or veggie each grocery trip to introduce an array of nutrients.

  2. Practice fasting. 12 of the 24 hours in a day should be fasted. Small fasts like this are beneficial for insulin utilization and therefore helpful for weight loss and overall health.

  3. Prioritize sleep. You’d be surprised to learn at how crucial sleep is to your overall health. Over time a wonky sleep routine can be a factor in chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even obesity.

  4. Move more. Practice NEAT activities (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis). These are activities that promote movement in your everyday life. Try taking the stairs instead of the escalator, using the shovel instead of the snowblower, and parking a little farther back than you usually would at the mall. These are all things that will increase your steps daily and promote health over time.

  5. Practice mindfulness. Try meditation, connecting with your senses and listening wholeheartedly. Mindfulness is the key to mastering your thought patterns

Creating a new you doesn’t mean leaving behind who you are today. Taking steps to better our health and our relationships is how we grow as humans. As a Holistic Nutritionist, it is my job to help guide you to a healthier life. We will work together to create a step-by-step program to help you achieve your New Years goals and resolutions. Call the spa today for your free consultation.