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Winter Rescue Hand Treatment

Winter is very hard on your hands. First, they are exposed to the dry air, which sucks the moisture out. Washing hands frequently to prevent cold and flu strip the natural oils from the skin. Both of these factors can lead to dry, cracked and rough skin that can chap, peel and even bleed. Come in and experience a Winter Rescue Hand Treatment.

Not only will your hands look and feel amazing so will you!

Treatment Only $40

Gift Pairing $58
(includes gift certificate and pair of fashion gloves)  Available in Spa

The Gift For Those In Need Of Relaxation.

This tried and tested formula ensures effective results for anyone in need of deep relaxation.
Helps relieve stress, tension and general body fatigue.

Essential oils of Mandarin and Sweet orange gently calm the nervous system and ease nervous tension. Cinnamon and Lavender gently settle a nervous stomach while calming and warming a cold tired body. Finally, lemongrass and Thyme elevate the mood and gently ease the muscular aches and pains that often accompany a stressful day.

This product is recommended for use at night to assist with sleep and is also safe to use on children, however, do use a reduced amount of product. It is also safe to use throughout the day in a small amount to help cope with the array of stress-related symptoms that we can experience. Place small amounts on the neck and shoulders, over the abdomen and a couple of drops on the feet.

Eve Taylor No 10 Relaxing Body Serum $49

For Ultimate Relaxation,
Package With A Gift Certificate For Anti Stress Massage or Reflexology Session.
We will be happy to help you choose the perfect pairing!

Pair with a Pedicure Gift Certificate for a “Toe”-tally perfect gift!

Exhausted and need an energy boost, (you’re tired of feeling tired)
Maybe you’re struggling with hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and just not feeling your best.
As a Holistic Nutritionist, I will take your whole lifestyle into consideration while investigating the root causes of any ailments you may have. And give you a solution that fits with your lifestyle.

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