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How’s Your Sleep Hygiene?

Sleep has one of the biggest impacts on our overall health. An unrested mind impacts your decisions around food the following day, ramps up cravings, and can even increase the severity of digestive issues like IBS. Over time, if quality sleep goes unchecked it can...

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Please Help!

Those who know me, know I'm not a confrontational person. Like anyone when my backs against the wall I'll fight to survive. So I reach out and ask for your support. I have been fortunate that for the last 37 years I have been able to get up every day and love going to...

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The official medical term is “Acne Mechanica” - a condition caused by wearing a mask that can cause skin irritations or exacerbate existing acne due to the repeated mechanical and frictional pressure of a synthetic mask causing obstruction of the pores. Add the summer...

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Staycations have been popular for the last few years, but I'm thinking even more so this summer. Whether you don't want to go away due to cost, or you just want to avoid the stress of travelling these days. Staying home and taking a break from your regular schedule is...

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