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Three Tips To Help With Holiday Stress.

Forget perfection   Stop obsessing over doing it all. The world is not going to end if things aren't perfect. Don't sweat the small stuff and your holiday will be much more enjoyable!   Don't over schedule   If you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your holiday...

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Do I Need To Wash My Face At Night?

Ugh, washing my face. "I am way too tired" Here are some reasons that can help you remember why you want to wash your face every night. Washing your face removes not only makeup but the dirt and dust that your face accumulated throughout the day. Makeup can clog pores...

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New Yonka Product

Yon-Ka Time Resist Cremes reduce the visible signs of aging. Hydrate the skin, plumping it from within to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. They also reduce the signs of tiredness and brighten the complexion. Yon-Ka Time Resist Cremes are ideal for aging...

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