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Staycations have been popular for the last few years, but I’m thinking even more so this summer. Whether you don’t want to go away due to cost, or you just want to avoid the stress of travelling these days. Staying home and taking a break from your regular schedule is a great way to spend time this summer.
You’ll want to plan ahead, so you don’t end up cleaning out the garage, or doing work around the house. You want to have fun, create memories and feel like you got away.
So leave emails and work like you would if you were actually away.
Go and act like a tourist in your own city or town. What would you recommend to someone visiting here for the first time? Where would you take them, what would you show them? I’ll bet there are places you’ve said to yourself “I’m going to go there one day”. We are so lucky to have so many great places where you can go just for a day trip.
Now is the time to do it!