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But for people who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep through the night, or for those who can’t stop hitting the snooze button in the morning, getting good sleep can feel pretty complicated.Centers for Disease Control has declared insufficient sleep a public health concern. Currently, well over one-third of the population are not getting enough sleep.

When we don’t get good sleep, it can contribute to a range of problems including anxiety and depression. But it can sometimes feel hard to achieve amid the pressures of daily life.
Using aromatherapy is a great tool. Add a few drops of Relax, Hug In a Bottle or  Sleep Well  to a diffuser an hour or two before bed to gently unwind and prepare you for a good nights sleep. Works great to calm down the kids and get them ready for bed as well.

If you find it difficult to get going in the morning, use your diffuser with the Good Morning blend to kick start your day. Only 3-5 drops and in half an hour the whole house will be awake. Great way to get the kids up and going in the morning too.