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“For the past two years I have gone to Anne for Raindrop Therapy before going back to school. Usually through the year I would pick up a cold or two, or worse, from the young children that I work with. I have been able to stay cold and flu-free for the past two school years and am ecstatic to have the energy and wellness to keep up with my active kids! Thank you.”
– Rose, elementary school teacher.
How did Rose feel this way?  She experienced the calming and gentle treatment called Raindrop Therapy.  This relaxing therapy boosts the immune system, promotes nerve stimulation and is helpful in fighting lingering bacteria and viruses that travel through the body. Over the years many parents, students, front line workers and those that work in office environments have taken a course of Raindrop Therapy as part of their wellness and immune support plan each year during September.

So what is Raindrop Therapy? It is a treatment that combines the healing properties of plant based essential oils with hydrotherapy and fire cupping. The essential oils have healing effects on the body and have been known to improve the immune system. With this sequence of combined oils viral agents are destroyed, inflammation is reduced, and the process of self-healing is stimulated. This treatment can easily be given once for a boost to your immune system and for general wellness.  Or you may opt for a series of treatments (3-6). These are generally booked to help with complications from not only issues that are bacterial and viral in nature, but have been found to be very effective in relief to symptoms from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Depression/Anxiety, adult ADD/ADHD, and stress.

I invite you to experience the benefits of the Raindrop oils and Traditional Chinese Fire Cups, while you are relaxing in a comfortable, nurturing and stress-free environment at Beauty Total. It is not only therapeutic, but it is incredibly relaxing and nurturing! – Anne