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Just because boot season is here doesn’t mean you can start ignoring your feet. Even though the weather has forced our tootsies into socks and closed-toes shoes, they still need some tender loving care…probably now more than ever! The purpose of pedicures isn’t to just make your feet look pretty. They can actually save you some pain and discomfort in the long run. Feet that are left unattended can become so dry and calloused that they actually crack and bleed. But regular maintenance will keep your feet healthy.
Plus, bright colour on your toes just might remind you that there is warmer weather and sunnier days ahead! To kick things up another notch, add a Reflexology treatment to your next pedicure appointment.
You can show your feet a little love in between pedicure appointments too.
Apply Footlogix products nightly to keep your feet feeling like you just left your pedicure appointment!