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As you start incorporating your beloved sweaters and jackets back into your wardrobe, it’s also time to protect your skin from the dropping temperatures—so a skin-care regimen switch-up is in order.
You’re also not going to be in the sun as much, so it’s a prime time to start using stronger anti-aging products like serums and retinol. Try to start the season with a facial so you get a good exfoliation treatment. This will help your skin prepare for the upcoming weather and get all that sunscreen buildup off.
Regular exfoliation is key to a clear complexion, adding enzymes to your exfoliation regimen, which should ideally happen a couple times a week  if not more. These just digest the dead skin but aren’t drying.
Tis the season to mask, incorporating a hydrating masks into your weekly regimen is also a great idea. Think hydration, hydration, hydration!
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