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Clients often ask, “How often should I get a facial?” Depending on your skin type and current condition, you could come in once every two weeks, once every three to four weeks or whenever the seasons change. Getting a professional facial once a month is ideal for someone who wants to take good care of his or her skin. Even if you aren’t able to have a facial once a month, try to have a professional facial at least four times a year, whenever the season changes. Having a professional facial on a regular basis will help protect your skin from seasonal exposure, harsh elements, and environmental pollutants.

To help understand why getting a professional facial on a regular basis, as opposed to getting the occasional, relaxing facial just before a special occasion is so important to your skin’s health.
The skin is a living organ – the largest organ of the whole human body! Did you know that it takes about 28 days for the skin to create a new, fresh layer on its surface? During this time, skin cells move up from the dermis layer to the surface of the skin, or the epidermis. Once these skin cells reach the epidermis, they flatten out, die and eventually slough off. A facial stimulates this process by removing all of those dead surface skin cells from the top layer of the skin, helping it to look younger, tighter and firmer.

Don’t you love the way your skin glows after a professional facial? Wouldn’t you love to maintain that glow all month long? You can! A facial includes a few different forms of exfoliation. Every time the skin is exfoliated, skin cells rapidly go into a repair mode to stimulate new cells, which leave the skin fresh, firm and glowing. When you receive a facial on a regular basis, your skin never gets a chance to be lazy. Instead, it’s always repairing and producing new skin, helping you maintain the after-treatment glow all month long. Purchase your facial today!