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Add Eve Taylor’s C+ Bright Moisturizer to your skin care regime.

This particular moisturizer uses lumisphere particles (light reflecting) with a built in spf factor and is also enhanced with tyrosinase inhibiting ingredients. This product is not only a moisturizer with an SPF15, its also a home care treatment and cosmetic all in one. Being lightly tinted, it is easy to use instead of foundation.
Following application any light that hits the surface of the skin is reflected to give the impression of an overall even skin tone and thus a more balanced complexion.  It comes in a contamination free airless pump and is suitable for all skin types.

What is a Tyrosinase Inhibitor?

Tyrosinase Inhibitors are used to treat all forms of pigmentation of the skin, other than those caused by genetics (sorry, you’ll just have to blame your parents!) They can act on other internal sources, such as Hormones and medications (such as the contraceptive pill) and external sources such as UV exposure and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Tyrosinase Inhibitors work by blocking or sedating the production of melanin which causes your skin to have dark spots.

Pigmentation concerns can be treated with skin lightening facials and peels as well as thermocoagulation therapy.