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An increase in humidity means that there is excess moisture in the air. The same is true for your skin. When there is more moisture in the air, there is more moisture in your skin. While this may be wonderful for those with dry skin, it can wreak havoc on oily or combination skin types. You will most likely need to use a day cream that helps controls oil or find a sunscreen that works for oily skin types as well as gives you sun protection like Eve Taylor’s C+ Bright.

Don’t forget once or twice a week exfoliating helps in shedding dead and dull skin buildup and prevents congestion and clogged pores. It also helps to improve better absorption from toners and moisturizers, helps even out any skin discoloration, draws excess oil out of the pores and leaves skin less greasy and shiny — rejuvenating skin, and leaving it soft and brighter.

When it’s hot, we’re inclined to hit the beach and swimming pools to cool off. What effects can it have on our skin?

Chlorine from swimming pools strip the skin of natural oils and can leave your skin dry. Be sure to rinse well after being in the pool and follow with your moisturizer.

If your heading to the ocean salt water is known for it’s positive effects on the skin, but there are also negative ones. The salt is actually hard to completely wash off the skin and can cause acne. After a dip in the ocean, be sure to wash not just rinse and use a cleanser to remove all salt from the skin.