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Those who know me, know I’m not a confrontational person. Like anyone when my backs against the wall I’ll fight to survive.
So I reach out and ask for your support.
I have been fortunate that for the last 37 years I have been able to get up every day and love going to work. I have built amazing relationships with so many people. Now the government has once again closed my business. Many may not know that the government believes we deserve to live on $450 a week. If I wanted to be supported by the government I wouldn’t be an entrepreneur. I don’t begrudge Costco, Walmart and other big business making money, that’s why you open a business.
Personal services businesses have always followed strict health and safety protocol to keep you safe. The Ontario data will show you the facts that personal services are not the spreader of this virus
If you want to be able to receive these services after this is over, please sign the petition. www.
The ones making these decisions just gave themselves a raise on April 1st while so many struggle to keep themselves afloat.…/lilley-canadians-are-the-fools...