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Do you feel like you’re doing everything to keep your skin healthy, but it still has a dull appearance? Well, sorry to crush your spirit, but looks like you’ve been missing the one most important thing, exfoliating. Exfoliating describes the method of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin which should be done at least once a week, twice at the most

Exfoliating is important year-round – but, especially important during the summer months!  Here are just a few reasons why:

Product Penetration. Exfoliation helps other skin care products such as serums and moisturizers to penetrate the skin more effectively.  Tanned skin is dehydrated – allowing wrinkles to appear more prominently.  Ensuring your moisturizers are effectively penetrating the skin during the summer months is essential!

Minimize Breakouts. During the summer, your body produces more oil and you sweat more, making you more susceptible to breakouts.  Sunscreen may also cause breakouts.  For those who suffer from breakouts on the body, an exfoliating body scrub can help to combat breakouts.

Fades Blemish Scars and Pigmentation. After suffering the stress of a breakout, you then have to undergo the stress of having the dark blemish mark which is left behind. Although exfoliating cannot remove the scar immediately, it accelerates the fading process. Additionally, it can also even out dark pigmentation within the skin.

Glow. All together the importance of exfoliating your skin is that it increases blood circulation which keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy as the process breaks down all fatty tissues and drains out bad toxins from the skin. This is why after you exfoliate you may feel as though your skin is glowing and it really is!

Perfect Sun-Kissed Skin. Before using a self-tanning product – whether it be a professional spray tan or an at-home product – it’s important to exfoliate the skin. The exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and give the self-tanning product a smooth, even surface to adhere to – minimizing your risk for a “streaky” application and yielding the perfect sun-kissed glow you desire.

Now you know the importance of exfoliating, let’s go through methods of exfoliation. Exfoliating can be done manually using different exfoliating products like gommages or soft peels, granular scrubs, enzyme exfoliants or chemically using peels and masks which include alpha or beta hydroxyl acids which is more of a deeper exfoliation, usually done with a facial treatment.

If you are not exfoliating weekly you should be!