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When it’s cold there is less moisture in the atmosphere. This is often paired with the harsh wind, snow and central heating, factors that all cause the skin to lose oil (causing dryness) and water (causing dehydration). The skin does have its own defense mechanisms, however, during the winter your skin needs extra protection. Many people use the same moisturizer all year round but it’s important to change your skin care depending on the season.

Maybe you need to switch day and night creams.
Creams containing Hyaluronic Acid helps restore hydration and strengthen the skin’s defenses. Adding a serum to your skin before you apply your day and night creams will also help. Always check with your skin care professional to be sure you pick the best serum for your skin. Many serums are made to give the skin a boost and are not meant to be used every day. So be sure you use your products properly to get the optimal results for your money.

Never forget your SPF!
It’s extremely important to keep using an SPF all year round as it’s not just the UVB rays (sun rays) that damage the skin. UVA rays are present in the environment all year round and cause dehydration which eventually adds to the aging process. Not all SPF creams protect against UVA as well as UVB so check the label for both.

Avoid eye area lines.
When the air is cold, wrinkles can appear around the eye area as the skin is very thin here. Eye creams are designed to hydrate the delicate eye area and prevent early signs of lines and wrinkles.

Drink your water!
Many of us don’t drink as much water during the winter as it’s cold – but we still need to stay hydrated. Your lips are usually the first part of the face to show a reaction to the cold weather. As soon as any dryness occurs, treat the area and see this as a warning to start your face protection before it spreads!

Cool down the bath water.
Very hot water can strip your skin of moisture. Try to bathe in warm water and cut down your time in the shower. Using a hydrating body wash is also usually less harsh on the skin than a soap bar.