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Summer Feet

When temperatures rise, your body perspires more, and that includes your feet. Closed-toe shoes plus hot weather or sweating equals foot odour – or even infections such as athlete’s foot.
Bacteria and fungi and all those lovely little bugs love heat, moisture and darkness — and the inside of your shoe is the best place for that to happen,

Disinfect your shoes
Footlogix Shoe Deodorant Spray 
Effectively kills odour-causing bacteria in shoes in seconds and leaves a refreshing scent. The formula will not harm leather or canvas.
Contains Tea-Tree oil which acts as a disinfectant to kill odour-causing bacteria
Easy to use spray allows for a controlled and targeted application
Ideal for Athletes
People who wear enclosed, non-breathable shoes

Apply to shoes once daily or as needed
Allow to dry for 10 minutes before wearing shoes