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Spring is here, and like every season, we need to prepare for the changes our skin will experience. 
As the weather warms and we start shedding layers of clothing, consider exfoliating your dry skin too!  Exfoliating is the process of removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal the smoother skin beneath.

Your skin care routine should mimic your wardrobe, lighter in the warmer months, and heavier in the colder months 

Vitamin C is vital in warmer weather to prevent hyperpigmentation. 

Clean those makeup brushes, did you know you should be washing your makeup brushes every 2 or 3 weeks?

Clean out your skin care products and replace anything that might have expired.  Bacteria, fungus, and mold can grow in old cosmetics and skin care. Using expired products can cause all kinds of problems, including skin irritation, eye infections, and more. If a product has changed in smell, colour  or consistency, it’s likely time to replace it.  

Having great skin is a combination of regular treatments and a good home care routine.