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Massage and Meditation


1 Hour Massage & 30 Minute Meditation

In today’s fast paced society, massage and meditation techniques are being used in greater numbers than ever before. People from all walks of life are discovering the benefits of massage and meditation.

Meditation helps re-balance the emotional state; it reduces stress and aids us in reflecting on what is important in our lives. In meditation, our mind is trained to work different than the way it normally does. We normally let our mind worry about things that we really have no control over. During meditation, we clear our mind of these worries and allow it focus. The stresses of everyday living often build up in our lives and it is important to take some “time out” and spend some time in quiet contemplation.  Massage is used to treat stress, fatigue, backache and insomnia. In fact, any part of the body feels better after being massaged.

The benefits of massage and meditation cannot be overlooked.

Available Thursdays and Saturdays

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